REQUIEM - Sänger Michi hört auf


Michi Kuster ist leider aus familären Gründen bei REQUIEM ausgestiegen. Die Band wird als Trio weiter machen und Bassist Ralf Winzer Garcia wird die Vocals meistern. Hier das Statement der Schweizer Death Metaller:

"After 13 years vocalist Michi Kuster has decided to leave the band due to family reasons. It's not possible for him anymore to take part of the busy band schedule.

"Michi will play his last show with REQUIEM on February 11, 2010 at Dynamo, Zurich (Switzerland) supporting HYPOCRISY (Sweden).

"The whole band wishes him and his family all the best for the future. REQUIEM made the decision to continue as a three-piece band from now on.

"REQUIEM is currently in negotiations for another European tour in October/November 2010. More information to be announced soon."