REVERSE THE CURSE - Aufnahmen im Kasten


Die Band aus Ohio hat die Aufnahmen zum Nachfolger von "Hither & Yon" abgeschlossen. Die Platte soll im Frühjahr via Paper & Plastick erscheinen.

Gitarrist und Sänger Ed Starcher dazu:

"With Existent, we had a completely new approach to recording and writing," says Starcher. "We were writing and demoing stuff out for a year and a half, instead of usually just writing and just recording how we play them. I really love listening to records front to back and going through the experience of a whole record, and that was how i wanted to make this album. I wanted to make it an experience from front to back, a collective piece of art and not just 10 songs. We are very proud of how hard we worked and how much we put in."