RISE AGAINST - Akkus laden


Die Band aus Chicago sprach jüngst über ihre Pläne für die nahe Zukunft, in der das Tourvolumen erst einmal heruntergefahren werden soll:

"We're kind of focusing on recharging our batteries right now. We've been a band for 12 years. We've been hitting it hard and looking at this band like a marathon, not a sprint. We realize we need to invest time into our music and our songs, as well as invest time into ourselves, our lives, so I think for the next few months that's what we'll be doing - getting away from it so we get a better perspective on what we want to do and what we want to accomplish when we sit down to write the next record.

Our favorite bands had only sold 10,000 records while playing punk dives, and that was what we aspired to. So when we outgrew the punk dives we were kind of in uncharted territory, So we had to figure out how to navigate those waters and still keep our identity."