RISE AGAINST benennen ihre Lieblingsplatten


"Appeal To Reason" ist mit einem Charteinstieg auf Platz 21 das erfolgreichste Album der RISE AGAINST Bandgeschichte in Deutschland.

Um die Promomaschine am Laufen zu behalten hat die Band nun ihre 12 Lieblingsplatten of all time verkündet. Lest selbst:


1) Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters
Jello Biafra has to be one of the best frontman i know of. Every lyric is sung with such conviction. This record really speaks out against what is expected of you in society. It inspires individuality

2) The Clash - s/t

The record has always had a place in my heart because of the sincerity put forth in these songs. Real passion! This record inspires change in the class system.

3)Bad Religion - No Control

Bad Religion brought the three part harmony to punk rock which truely changed the punk world. This record makes you question the roles we play in everyday life.

4) Fugazi "13 Songs"

Fugazi is my favorite band of all time for so many reasons. This is an early record from them that stil stands the test of time today. Merging thought provoking lyrics ripe with graphic imagery with innovative music, especially for it's time, Fugazi were, and are, one of punks pioneers. The rock solid rhythm section with the bells and whistles of Guy and Ian's guitarwork in unlike any other. Combine their unique vocals into the mix and you have a masterpiece.

5) Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy"

To me, lyrics are one of the most important elements of music, and Jawbreaker has some of the best, hands down. Great songwriting makes this band timeless, and great lyrics makes them poets of the 90s.

6) Minor Threat

In a time when punk was being inundated with nihilistic, drug glorifying bands like the Sex Pistols or the New York Dolls, Minor Threat came along and changed all that. They blazed a trail for people who realized that punk and drugs and alcohol don't have to go hand in hand; a trail that people like me walk to this day.

7) Tommy: the who

it re-shaped rock and roll. the first 'rock opera' it treated this fairly new music form with classical structure-overture,theme,recurring melody,tragedy,loss,resolution and coda. and somehow still did its part to be a catalyst of punk rock with its aggression. something so grandiose and at its base,still raw.

8) Black sabbath: black sabbath

it invented heavy metal. period. no band has been as heavy or dark as that record. current metal bands try to be 'heavy' by tuning their instruments lower or playing with extra distortion and these guys did it in standard tuning and writing songs that they based in blues. these four guys' chemistry together made them sound like that. the way they phrased together. one person misplaced and who knows what 'heavy metal' would sound like now.

9) Ramones: ramones

invented punk rock as we know it. i know that may be a controversial statement but all of the early seminal punk bands were trying to be the ramones. they were playing pop music as they heard it and that was loud,fast and dangerous without a care in the world. and the most important thing was that everyone could be a ramone-they were just like me and you,and anyone could pick up a guitar and play their music(although not like THEM).that made everyone love them and that made the genre they created for the outsiders and the outcasts and anyone that wanted to belong somewhere. they're why i do what i do and why i still love this music.

10) Miles Davis- Kind of Blue

This record changed jazz forever. It was a departure from the hard bop style of jazz that was going on at the time. Kind of Blue was based on simple scales called modes which started modal jazz. Its the best selling jazz record of all time.

11) Led Zeppelin- Self titled

This was Led Zeppelin's first record. It was a blues rock sound that was unique and new. Some people refer to this and Black Sabbath as the earliest heavy metal. It spawned a million bands and a whole new style of music.

12) The Who- My Generation(The who Sings My Generation)

This was the bands first record and was like nothing else around at the time. The who is probably the greatest rock band ever. A rock record full of rebellion. This record was the forebear of punk rock. Starting a massive movement that still exists today.

Tour 2009:

x-why-z Konzertagentur (www.x-why-z.eu) und Visions, Rock Hard, peta2.de, Ox, Titus, livegigs.de & Allschools.de präsentieren

04.02.2009 München Backstage Werk
06.02.2009 Leipzig Haus Auensee
07.02.2009 Berlin Huxley's
08.02.2009 Bielefeld Ringlokschuppen
09.02.2009 Köln Live Music Hall
11.02.2009 Saarbrücken Garage
12.02.2009 Wiesbaden Schlachthof
13.02.2009 Hamburg Docks

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Alte Kommentare

von Alex 28.10.2008 22:56

Ziemlich old-school die Jungs, nicht schlecht :D Neues Album ist auch ziemlich gut, aber Rise Against enttäuscht eh nie.

von Hurensohn 28.10.2008 22:57

total wayne der ganze scheiß man

von holz 29.10.2008 01:16

@ hurensohn ! :D scheiß meinung von ner scheiss band

von Otto 29.10.2008 08:37

DANKE holz, endlich mal jemand der es auch erkannt hat, dass diese Band total überbewertet ist

von tux86 29.10.2008 09:10

Seltsam... Appeal to Reason ist das erfolgreichste Album? Ich finds ja nicht schlecht, aber die letzten waren besser...

von fatal disc error.. 29.10.2008 09:23

bestes album ist bekanntlich für die fans selten mit erfolgreichstes gleichzusetzen.

von FKK 29.10.2008 09:50

@fatal disc error..: Das hätte auch von blake schwarzenbach kommen können

von fatal disc error.. 29.10.2008 10:35

vielleicht bin ich's ja?

von FKK 29.10.2008 10:42

wenn (+), kämpfe weiter Don Quichote wenn (-), Glück gehabt

von roflcore 29.10.2008 15:41

ich würde sagen, es ist das erfolgreichste album von ra, weil es etwas oder etwas in richtung mainstream geht was das musikalische angeht, also kann ich mich tux86 anschließen meine fav revolutions per minute & the sufferer and the witness