RUFIO machen weiter?


Gemäß ihrer Myspace Seite werden RUFIO im August einige Gigs in Mexiko spielen. Die Band hatte sich im April aufgelöst.

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von stand schon 30.07.2007 16:35

Friday, April 06, 2007 Farewell show and South American tour well... its been a while friends... and we\'ve finally decided that its time to do an official farewell show with all the members of rufio on June 1st. We thought it would be a good way to show our appreciation to all our hometown friends and fans who have supported us from the very beginning. We figured the Glasshouse would be a very appropriate venue to host the show and we hope to see ALLLL of you there! we\'ll be playing a variety of songs, and even oldies we rarely play! Its going to be a sad night but it also means the birth of new projects and new music! We\'re also going down to South America in june for one last hoorah. we\'re very excited about this. there are some shows posted right now, and more will be posted later. we cant wait to party with you crazy south americans! come party with us one last time! Love, Rufio