Der Sänger von RUINER, Rob Sullivan, hat folgendes zu „No Apologies”, dem Debüt-Album der Band, verlauten lassen:

„Everyday of our lives we are faced with situations where we must choose between the happiness of ourselves or the happiness of others. For the last two years we have attempted to pour ourselves into what would become the first full length release from Ruiner. I’ve spent hours trying to word my personal feelings and thoughts into minutes worth of music onto paper. Musically this record will be more aggressive, darker and more straight forward than we have ever been. Having faced ups and downs with friendships, heartaches, and criticism. No Apologies will be as personal and honest as we can be.”

Das Album wird nächstes Jahr im Mai/Juni erscheinen und von Linas Garsys (war unter anderem als Produzent bei AFI und Hope Conspiracy tätig) produziert.