Reflections Records bekommen Nachwuchs


RITUAL aus Recklinghausen haben bei der niederländischen Hardcoreschmiede Reflections Records unterschrieben. Mit neuem Material des 90er Jahre beeinflussten New School-Vierers darf dann im nächsten Jahr gerechnet werden.
Hier der Text ihrer neuen Labelheimat:

"RITUAL is a group of four passionated and honest young individuals. Above all, RITUAL is a statement against a mental and emotional downfall, which can not only be discovered in our society, but in the hardcore punk scene as well. In the spirit of our age, where life is defined by numbers and not by values; where information is gained through eating what you are being fed and not through thinking, RITUAL is set to be an inspiration for a new state of mind and a new state of heart. A strong 90's edge can not be denied, neither musically wise nor politically nor emotionally. Think of bands such as CHOKEHOLD, UNBROKEN, MEAN SEASON, REFUSED or ENTOMBED."