Releapse nehmen GENGHIS TRON unter Vertrag


Relapse haben das Signing der Electro-Grinder von GENGHIS TRON verkündet. Die Band hierzu:

"We're currently building a bold, psychedelic bridge to Godcity Studios where we'll be recording our next album in August with Kurt Ballou. Thanks to some serious unemployment we've been fully immersed in erecting said bridge--working 8 hours or more a day, seven days a week on new material. It's sounding insane and awesome and entirely indescribable. We're stoked."

Zuletzt veröffentlichte die Band "Dead Mountain Mouth" vergangenes Jahr.

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von i r m 07.07.2007 13:40

ultrageile band! dillinger escape plan meets aphex twin. zu empfehlen sind im neuen extrem bereich auch car bomb,gaza und child abuse.