SAVES THE DAY - "Bug Sessions Volume 2 & 3 "


SAVES THE DAY werden auf der Bamboozle Road Tour die "Bug Sessions Volume 2 & 3" veröffentlichen, nachdem man 2006 bereits "Bug Sessions Volume One" releaste. Chris hierzu:

"So I've got really great news! I just heard back about a little surprise we've been keeping from you... Bug Sessions Volume 2 AND Bug Sessions Volume 3 will be ready to sell on the Bamboozle Road Show this spring! We just received word that the discs are now being shipped to us so we can bring them on tour to sell directly to you, our beautiful fans! Bug Sessions is our little way of showing our appreciation to our hardcore fans by doing acoustic renditions of old and new STD songs. You can't find Bug Sessions in any stores. You can only buy them at Saves The Day concerts, which ensures only diehard fans can acquire the special CDs. We know you guys loved Bug Sessions Vol 1, so we set out to give you two brand new Bug Sessions at once! Last fall, David and I embarked on an acoustic tour of the US, and we recorded every night to use the best performances for Bug Sessions Vol 2 & 3. So after listening to all the shows, we decided we had enough good material for two new Bug Sessions. Each CD will have 7 songs, a mixture of old and new Saves The Day music. One of my favorite aspects of these new Bug Sessions discs is the audience participation. I can hear you guys singing along real loud, and it gives me goose-bumps on songs like "Hold" and "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic". It's really neat to be able to feel the vibe of the show. And in Austin, TX, we got pretty drunk, so you can hear us having a good time with the songs! Ha ha. Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to fill you in on the exciting news. And if you haven't already bought tickets for the Bamboozle Road Show, then now is the time! Gotta make sure you can get your hands on Bug Sessions 2 & 3, cause they're sweet as strawberry jam! Werd out, twigglies. Love ya!