SAY ANYTHING bei Equal Vision


SAY ANYTHING sind bei Equal Vision untergekommen. Die Band wird mit den Aufnahmen ihres vierten Studioalbums mit Produzent Tim O’Heir [Say Anything, All-American Rejects] im August 2011 begonnen.

“Once we found our label, we knew there was only one producer who could bring the kind of ambitious, freethinking, over-the-top approach to the recording process that we were looking for,”
so Bemis. “We are proud to announce that for the first time in the better part of a decade, we will be returning to the studio with Tim O'Heir, the super-sick producer who helped us shape Say Anything’s …Is a Real Boy into what it is.”

Equal Vision wird neben dem neuen Album auch bisher unreleastes Material der Band veröffentlichen.

Say Anything join Equal Vision Records from Equal Vision Records on Vimeo.