SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY haben ihren Drummer und Originalmitglied Andy Dalton vor die Tür gesetzt. Die Band scheint bereits Ersatz gefunden zu haben.

Dalton sagte, die Nachricht über seinen Rauswurf per Email bekommen zu haben. Hier sein Statement: "I got an email from the band saying it would be best if we part ways. They claim they wanted a more 'metal drummer,' whatever that means. I was an original member, stuck with it for five years, dropped out of college, lost a few jobs, but got to tour this country as well as Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and select parts of Europe. I also got to meet a number of generous people willing to let total strangers sleep on their floor for a night. My thanks to those people are infinite. I will be dedicating my time to the planning of Dirt Fest, and to the construction of List Street Studios, a brand new 10 space rehearsal facility for bands in the mid-Michigan area. I will continue to play drums, but plan to finish a solo record, with me recording, singing, and playing all instruments, which will focus more on bluesy guitar and rock drumming than anything."

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von sads 24.12.2008 01:33

die feine amerikanische art...