Sechs Monate nachdem SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY ihren Hiatus verkündet haben, gibt es folgendes Update der Band:

"Currently we are in still in the process of paying off our debt so we can return to writing and playing shows again. Unfortunately we had to sell all our gear and trailer to keep up with payments. And our van got repossessed. So we have to get the debt taken care of. We have to re-buy everything as well. But that is our plan, then we can resume writing and possibly tour a little bit. We aren't dead just yet. We plan to pick up where 'Intervals' left off as soon as we can.

Some of us are working on some other projects in our down time. Jake is been fairly busy with 3 new projects. He has been playing drums in No Control which features members of Fight It Out and xTyrantx. Also he is playing drums for From Hell which features members of Viking and xTyrantx. He is also singing in a crust/thrash/punk band called Some Nerve. Check them out at here and here.

Fox has a new project as well. For the moment they have dubbed the band's name Vultures. The project features past member of SYNT, Rick Woods and also members from legendary Michigan metal band Summer Dying. They are writing now and should have a few songs recorded and start playing a couple shows by this summer. Although nothing is really posted yet, you can keep tabs on that project here.

"That's all for now, we will let you know if anything new happens here within the coming months. Thanks for sticking with us through all this! Take care!"

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von John Fire 05.02.2010 16:38

Gut so! Sollen ma ganz schnell ihr Zeug wieder zusammenkriegen und dann genau so weitermachen. Intervals war/ist geil.