Am 3. Maerz veroeffentlichen SENSES FAIL eine Split-EP mit MAN OVERBOARD via Pure Noise. Auf dem Release wird es jeweils einen eigenen sowie einen Coversong der jeweils anderen Band geben.

SENSES FAIL Frontmann Buddy Nielsen zur Split:

“We are excited to do our very first split. Years ago bands would do “VS” splits all the time, where one band covers the other's song, in recent years it hasn’t been as popular. We are thrilled to be able to share this chance with home state brothers. The song “All You Need Is Already Within” is a b-side to our forthcoming record, and shows a different side of what people have come to expect from Senses Fail”.

Unten gibt es mit "All You Need Is Already Within You" von SENSES FAIL bereits einen Vorabeindruck im Stream.
Das Tracklisting liest sich wie folgt:

01. One Fixed Point - Man Overboard
02. Cute When You Scream - Man Overboard (Senses Fail Cover)
03. All You Need Is Already Within You - Senses Fail
04. Real Talk - Senses Fail (Man Overboard Cover)