SEPULTURA – Gitarrist Andreas Kisser über den Ausstieg von Igor Cavalera


Nach dem Ausstieg von Igor Cavalera bei SEPULTURA hat sich Gitarrist Andreas Kisser in einem Interview mit vom 15. Juni unter anderem zum Abgang seines Bandkollegen unnd die Zukunft von SEPULTURA geäußert.

Zur Nachricht auf der SEPULTURA Website un der es hieße, dass SEPULTURA weitermachen wird, sagte Kisser folgendes:

"Yeah, that's kind of decision that we don't have to [make] now. There are so many different elements that could change a lot. Like I said, our intention… We have this guy now, Jean, with us on the drums, we did some tests and stuff, we did some practicing, we were all very impressed by his playing and stuff. Our intention is to play. I don't know if it could go until the end of this year, or the end of next year. Hopefully we can do some festivals in Europe and really represent this album, work this album, and then we [can] decide if we're gonna continue or not. I mean, the message [posted on the web site] is that we're gonna continue with the 'Dante' cycle and see what's next. But what I can tell you now is that I don't feel like doing another SEPULTURA album right now, especially without Igor. It's something that we're not even thinking about. Our attitude is really immediate — really to finish this stuff and really clear this from our life, and finish this and feel good about it, and then make the decision together and talk about it."

Weiterhin sagt er:
"[…] I cannot really make any decisions now. I'm just telling you what I feel today. But it doesn't mean that [it's the way it's going to be]. I mean, Paulo and Derrick can feel a little different about the same topic, but that’s something that we're still gonna talk about and we're gonna live through the day we really have to decide something about that. And it's cool because we're clear with SPV, the contracts — we had two albums and everything — so I think we can make this decision a lot… it's easier; we don't have the obligation to do another album."

Kisser äußerte sich ebenfalls zur Position und Akzeptanz des neuen Srummers Roy:

"Well, I heard that before — 10 years ago. I mean, it was not possible to have SEPULTURA without Max. And we did what we did, and we're still here talking about it. Let's see what happens. Anything is possible. I cannot really rule out any option. We could be surprised by what could happen; it could be something big or it could be a disaster. You never know. With Roy also, it was something that we didn't know what to expect, you know. But when you have musicians on stage that play the music honestly and enjoy what they're doing, I mean…. You know, there's no wrong. I mean, besides all the politics — who should be there, who shouldn't be there — we should respect the music and the history of SEPULTURA. And that's why I'm still on stage — because I really love what I do. It's amazing the respect and the love that the fans have for SEPULTURA. Even those that still don't like Derrick or they like Max and all the changes and all, they're still around — even talking good or shit. They're still part of the SEPULTURA life and the SEPULTURA family. And like I said, we're very excited about this new drummer — he's something really new for us, really fresh, he's playing so great and stuff, and let's see what happens. I mean, we still respect the spirit and the story of SEPULTURA, especially because we have this album, 'Dante', and we're gonna do our best and we're gonna enjoy what we do and let's see what happens."

Auf die Frage nach der möglichen Reunion des klaasischen SEPULTURA Line-Ups antwortete er:

"I really don't know, man. It could go either way. I know there's a lot of people who want to make this happen — this reunion stuff — but I don't know…"