SEPULTURA – Igor Cavalera über seinen Ausstieg


Seit dem offiziellen Ausstieg von Igor Cavalera bei SEPULTURA ist es zu jeder Menge Spekulationen gekommen. Einige erhoffen sich sogar eine Wiedervereinigung von Igor mit seinem Bruder Max bei SOULFLY oder ine einer Version des klassischen SEPULTURA Line-Ups. In einem Interview mit äußerte Igor Cavalera unter anderem folgendes:

"[…]I was willing to take a break. I wasn't thinking or even saying anything about leaving the band, even though there was a lot of rumors going around. But my intention was really to continue doing this and taking a break. And we even talked about how we wanted to [have] an injection of new energy in the band, and that was something that with this break we might have been able to [achieve] that — to think about and reflect on a lot of different things; that was the plan. When he [Andreas Kisser] came back from that tour, we had another meeting, and in that meeting he just showed me a completely different side of it where he didn't feel like my break would be good for the band and good for everything, and he wanted to really continue doing a lot of touring and a lot of shows — they were already booking a lot of shows that I didn't know about — and things like that, which pretty much [led] me to make this decision. And not only that, but also in Brazil, a lot of things were going around, like a [news story in the media] 'A new drummer for SEPULTURA has been hired' — this guy [Jean Dolabella] from Belo [Horizonte], who was already playing in the band, which wasn't a lie, but the way that portrayed it, it was like he was the new drummer, and the band didn't come forward to say anything about that — not even on our web site — and I felt really disrespected [by that]. Not even to put something [on our web site to refute the rumors], since it was already out on the Internet and things like that. [..] So those were the main reasons that I just started thinking completely differently, where I just felt that in their opinion, the [idea] of them moving on and continuing to play didn't include me as part of this plan. So I just felt that the most honest thing to do was to explain to everybody [what was going on] instead of just sitting at home [while] people [were] thinking that I was still taking that break, [but] where my mind was in a completely different place."

Bezüglich der ganzen Spekulationen was eine Reunion mit Max Cavalera betrifft hält Igor zunächst fest, dass er das letzte Mal letztes Jahr zu seinem Geburtstag [4. September 2005] mit ihm gesprochen habe und Max definitiv keinen Einfluss auf seine Entscheidung hatte.

Auf die Frage ob er mit SOULFLY arbeiten würde wenn Max ihn anriefe, antwortete Igor folgendes:

"I don't know. It's hard. It's the same as when people ask me if Max was to call me and ask me if he could rejoin SEPULTURA, if I would accept, and I think the answer is pretty much the same. I can't really speculate about something that's not real. Once it's real, then you have time to think about it and really have a strong opinion about it. When it comes to something that's not real, I think it's a waste of time to try [and guess how I would feel about it]. It's not real."

" […] The thing that I always left really open and I always spoke very clearly about to everybody was the way that I wish I could play with my brother again. Even when I was in SEPULTURA — that was something that I never hid from anyone. And I think it's still the same. I think one day I will be able to play with him again. I don't know what format — if it's SEPULTURA, if it's a new thing — but the desire is there, and it's always been there, and I never made that a secret to no one."

Zunächst möchte Igor erstmal Zeit mit seiner Familie und seinem neugebohrenen Sohn Antonio verbringen. Danach wird man weitersehen, möchte jedoch nichts übereilen.