SET IT OFF - Akustik-EP


SET IT OFF kuendigen eine Akustik-EP namens "Duality: Stories Unplugged" an, die am 23. Juni via Rude Records erscheinen wird. Unten gibt es mit "Bleak December (Acoustic)" bereits einen ersten Eindruck zur Poppunkband aus Grossbritannien.

Die Band zum Release:

"We are so unbelievably excited to present to you: Duality: Stories Unplugged! We have received requests for an acoustic EP for a long time now and we had so much fun putting this together for you. It was a huge goal on this EP to not just deliver the songs you already know with the only difference being that it's on acoustic guitars. We took time to re-imagine some of these tracks", reveals vocalist Cody Carson. "For example, in our acoustic arrangement of "Bleak December", we took a more mellow approach and a more somber tone to deliver almost a whole new meaning to the song. We wanted to name this Stories Unplugged because that is exactly how we look at these songs. These are all tales of different avenues of life we've walked down, and you're along for the ride in a range of emotion and timbre. Thank you for your patience... I'm so glad we can finally provide you with this EP that we are so very proud of".