SET IT OFF - Video zu "Ancient History"


Zum Song "Ancient History", der ihrem aktuellen Album "Duality" entstammt. Frontmann Cody Carson zum Song:

"Not too long ago I was in a relationship with someone that was very serious. We had a very firm connection, we lived together, it was great, but one day we had to split ways. Once the initial storm from the breakup had settled we realized something. We missed the sex. We knew it wasn't a smart choice, but it was an easy choice. So then came the 2AM calls and the sneaking off. We eventually realized we were doing more damage than helping so we decided to call it quits and just stay friends. This song is about that particular situation. Also, the foundation vibe for this song was "That Thing You Do" from the popular Tom Hanks film and I LOOOVEE that song so much so I'm happy that double clap made its way into a Set It Off song".

ausserdem kommt die Poppunkband auf Tour:


May 01 Belgium BE @ Groezrock
May 14 Cologne, DE @ Underground
May 15 Wiesbaden, DE @Schlachthof
May 16 Hamburg, DE @Rock Café
May 17 Berlin, DE @Comet
May 19 Munich, DE @Backstage Club
May 20 Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo