SET YOUR GOALS - Neues Album im Kasten


SET YOUR GOALS haben die Aufnahmen an ihrem neuen Album beendet. Voraussichtlich im Sommer dürfen wir uns dann auf den neuen Longplayer der Band freuen.

"We're still waiting on a couple guest spots to be finished and a few finishing touches before we send it off to be mixed and mastered but that will be done by the end of next week. It was a long (6 weeks) and difficult journey but we made it. It's been 3 years since we recorded our last full length and this record is without a doubt ten times the record "Mutiny!" was for a variety of reasons. It's faster, less goofy, more complex both musically and lyrically, plus we've all gotten way better at our instruments and we had a lot more time in the studio to work on things until we were happy with them."

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von taschenmumu 22.03.2009 21:30

üBERGEiLOMAT!!! Brett kann ruhig schonmal sagen, dass er die Boys unter Vertrag genommen hat.

von LA 22.03.2009 22:22

Geilste Band der Welt!!!

von jo 23.03.2009 07:49