SEVENDUST: Über Dimebags Tod


Am Donnerstag, den 8. Dezember war es genau ein Jahr her, daß „Dimebag“ Darrell Abbott während einer Show in Ohio erschossen wurde.

Dimebag wird von seinen Fans uns befreundeten Bands sehr vermißt. Sevendust Schlagzeuger Morgan Rose sprach – mit Sänger Lajon Witherspoon an seiner Seite – mor laufender Kamera, über diesen schicksalhaften Tag und wie er mit Dimebags Bruder Vinnie Paul telefoniert hat.
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"Yeah, we got off stage and found out right when we got off stage," Morgan told "I actually called and actually talked to Vinnie while he was still sitting in the club and they hadn't even taken Darrell's body out yet. He answered the phone, and I was just calling to to see if it was a rumor, and it was happening. We've seen Vinnie and we've talked to him a lot and we're just here like millions of other people trying to support him because this is rough times. The holidays are coming up and the anniversary is coming up. And Darrell was really close with us, so that's the worst thing that ever happened."