SHOOK ONES mit neuem Drummer und Plänen für 2007


SHOOK ONES haben einen neuen Drummer und haben sich weiterhin über ihre Pläne für das laufende Jahr ausgelassen. Lest selbst:

"january news.

life has been fanciful and free here in shooks-land. we got a new drummer. his name is jimmy and he's from philadelphia. you should try saying 'he won't'. it's hilarious. he used to be in a sweet band called no roses. highly recommended listening right there.

also, here's what you can expect from us in the new year:
- on january 19th we hit the studio with our boy jackson to record 3 songs for a split with japanese pop-punk virtuosos, easel. this record will be released on alliance trax in japan, and will coincide with our japanese tour april 5th-17th.
- february 12th we make our way to california to play a weekend (feb 16th-18th) with motherfucking lifetime. are you gonna be there? sweet, we will stagedive on you. those shows are gonna be sick, and we're playing a few of our own on the way down, so come party with us.
- march might involve another short tour with another sweet band. or it might involve us staying at home to try and work off some of our debt. we'll let you know.
- april is japan. duh.
- may through august is touring season, so we'll probably be on tour a lot. if you live in north america and we've never played your town, keep your eyes pealed.
- we're also going to have a merch store up and running in the very near future so that i don't have to drive to the post office twice a week. yes!

that's it for now. other stuff is gonna happen, too. it'll be fun. we promise."