SIDEONEDUMMY - Auktionen zu Gunsten BIG D´s Sänger Dave McWane


Das kalifornische Label stellt ein Potpouri aus Testpressungen (u.a. von GASLIGHT ANTHEM, BOUNCING SOULS und FLOGGING MOLLY) zur Verfügung, dessen Erlöse zum Teil an Mike McWane gehen sollen.

Beim Sänger von BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE war jüngst Kehlkopfkrebs diagnostiziert worden.

Das Statement zur Aktion von Labelseite:

Ok, this is seriously and awesomely important.

Last week we did a little Autumn cleaning and went through a few boxes of test pressings. We decided that it’d be way better that fans have them than them sitting in boxes in our office. With that being said, the test pressings for the albums listed below are up for auction on our eBay.

There’s more though. ALL of the proceeds from the Big D and the Kids Table Fluent In Stroll auction are going to Dave McWane to help cover the cost of his medical bills associated with his fight against throat cancer. Also, a portion of the proceeds from all the other auctions will be going to Dave as well.

Die Auktionen finden sich HIER.