SILENT DRIVE - Update zum neuen Album


SILENT DRIVE haben dieses Update zum neuen Album veröffentlicht:

"We are now in the process of shopping around new demo music. Once we confirm a budget for recording of the next record, we will book studio time. I'm about 99% sure we plan on going back to the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. This is where we recorded "Love Is Worth It." Bill and Jason are the best producers and engineers we've ever worked with. Not to mention Bill has been involved in music for a very long time, playing drums for Decendents and Black Flag along with many others.

We have many more demos that were recorded during the "Mexican Standoff" session and while we would love for everyone to hear them, we feel its best not to post anything else until the album versions have been recorded, mixed and mastered.

We do feel "Mexican.." came out great for free and not having any fancy studio tools or mics, but the 40 thousand dollar album version will be much more worth it."