SILVERSTEIN gehören zum Hopeless Records Roster. Ihr fünftes album soll dann im Frühling durch das neue Label veröffentlicht werden. Hier die Pressemitteilung:

Hopeless Records is excited to welcome the newest members of the family, Burlington, ON’s, Silverstein. The hard rock quintet is about to embark upon a full US & Canadian tour, dubbed Winterizer, and will release a five song, digital EP, Transitions, on December 7. All this in advance of their forthcoming, as yet untitled fifth full-length studio album, due in spring of 2011.

“We have signed to Hopeless Records! We have been huge fans of the label since their inception and they have become great friends of ours over the years. It is great to work with people who not only get what we do and still embrace the scene, but also actually helped create it. After talking to many labels, we felt we would be the most at home here with Louis, and the entire Hopeless Records staff.”

Formed in 2000, Silverstein is Neil Boshart (guitar), Bill Hamilton (bass), Shane Told (vocals), Paul Koehler (drums) and Josh Bradford (guitar). This creative and busy decade has seen them perform over 1,200 live shows while making countless friends as they’ve sold over 1,000,000 albums.

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von tim 17.11.2010 18:22

hard rock?

von wario 17.11.2010 22:45

sehr sympatisch nicht zu einem major label zu gehen.