SILVERSTEIN haben gemeinsam mit Produzent Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Social Distortion) mit den Aufnahmen an ihrem neuen Album im Metalworks Studio in Toronto, Kanada begonnen. Das Album soll am 31. März 2009 erscheinen. Frontman Shane Told fügt an:

"When we made Discovering the Waterfront there was something so special about the process. We've made the last 3 records essentially the same way. The process was get in a room, jam it out and let it come out how it comes out. This time we've decided to switch it up and write an entire album instead of just a collection of songs. We're considering the flow between songs and transitions a lot more, and lyrically this record will tell a story. It will be a concept album."

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von ian [ttr] 16.12.2008 19:01

hoffe es wird besser als der vorgänger. der neue song war schon mal nicht schlecht.