SIX REASONS TO KILL haben mit Bastardized Recordings ein neues Label gefunden und werden demnächst das Album "Another Horizon" veröffentlichen. Dazu die Band:

"Ladies and Gents,
again we decided to trust Bastardized Recordings as adequate partner in label issues regarding our new album. The album entitled "Another Horizon" contains nearly 60 minutes of violence, harmony, tragedy and grotesque. On one hand it's the most brutal and by far the fastest 6R2K-album in our history, on the other hand it got a more catchy sound. Structures got more straight, songs got generated during a long process. The result is the probably most well-thought-out album in our history. "Another Horizon" begins where "Reborn" ended. It’s the logical continuation in our development. Again Kristian 'Kohle' Kohlmannslehner was hired as producer for "Another Horizon" and he did a great job and casted this piece of Metal into the right mould. The artwork was done by Peter Hoffmann.
Furthermore we're looking for some nice shows out there to promote our new material and to set stages on fire again. If you want to reach another horizon, feel free to contact
Flo & the SRTK-family"