SIX REASONS TO KILL - bei Massacre Records


Das neueste Massacre Records Signing heißt SIX REASONS TO KILL. Das sagt die Band:

"We`re completely stoked to announce that we will join the roster of Massacre Records. After several months of working and recording on our forthcoming album we're happy to have this strong an established partner behind us. It's a great step forward for us and we're more than thrilled to reach this level now. We know Massacre Records since the days of our youth and we are proud to become part of this awesome band-roster somewhere between and King Diamond. Thanks to Thomas for his confidence in what we are doing. Another great person we have to mention here is Leif Jensen for his management support. Last but not least we want to spread some words of gratitude to all our fans, friends and supporters and everybody who reached his helping hands to us during the past years. We are looking forward to an exciting 2011! "

Hier noch das Cover und die Tracklist vom kommenden vierten Album "Architects of Perfection", das am 28.01.11 erscheint:

1. Welcome To Forever
2. My Bitterness
3. False Absolution
4. Perfection
5. Awaken
6. My Poison
7. Day Of The Apocalypse
8. Scum Belongs To Scum
9. Wandering Stars
10. Buried To The Sea

Alte Kommentare

von it's-a me 13.12.2010 09:27


von wario 13.12.2010 10:39

keine schlecht band aber der zug ist wohl eher schon abgefahren. bin mal aufs neue zeug gespannt.

von Marv 13.12.2010 11:30

seit dem letzten Sängerwechsel absolut belanglos und eher peinlich. Schade drum, hatten echt Potential.

von The Showstopper 14.12.2010 16:54

Dat neue Zeug kann man auf Massacre Records anhören ... und schlecht is was anderes!

von Grinder 16.12.2010 15:07

Wenn mans unter nem anderen Namen verpacken würde wäre es ganz okay, aber im gegensatz zu den ersten releases ist das Schlecht... bestes release war die Split mit Deadlock....die da auch noch cool waren....