SLEEPING GIANT - posten Titeltrack zum neuen Album „Finished People“!


SLEEPING GIANT präsentieren den Titelsong zum kommenden Album „Finished People“, welches am 15. August erscheinen wird.

Hier geht’s zum Track:

SLEEPING GIANT - SLEEPING GIANT - Finished People (Featuring Nathan of XIBALBA and Joe of ADVENT) on MUZU.TV.

Sänger Tommy Green erklärt mehr zum Hintergrund des Songs „Finished People“: "Thank you to my friends Nate from Xibalba and Joe from Advent for meeting me where I was at to sing on this song. I appreciate your respect and your friendship. I was a prisoner of so many many things in my mind, in my life. I was a slave and I was in chains and Jesus has set me free time after time. I am a finished one. For all of the prisoners, political, judicial, spiritual, physical, I want to fight for you, not against you. I am honored to know all of you. We are all finished people. For my brothers and sisters in the persecuted church in every restricted nation I love you and I pray for you."


1. Clutches
2. Overthrow
3. Finished People
4. Death Knell
5. Song of God, Son of Man
6. Christus Victor
7. Violence
8. Brother's Keeper
9. The Great Divorce
10. Blood Meridian
11. Victory