SLIPKNOT: Gegenstände von Paul Grays Grab entwendet


Gestern haben SLIPKNOT bekannt gegeben, dass einige Gegenstände von Paul Grays Grab entwendet worden sind und bitten nun die Täter um die Rückgabe oder um Hinweise über den Verbleib.

Auf ihrer Homepage veröffentlichte die Band folgendes Statement:

"In a very upsetting turn of events we have learned that some gifts left for Paul at his grave site have been stolen. There were statues of a gargoyle as well as a Buddah that were placed at Paul's grave by his friends and family that were taken. We ask that whoever did this please return the items no questions asked.
If anyone has any information about the stolen items please let us know by posting in the comments. Thank you for your continued support in this trying time"