SOILWORK - Album Update


SOILWORK Guitarist Ola Frenning hat folgende Nachricht bezüglich des neuen Albums veröffentlicht:

"We have written a bunch of songs [for the new SOILWORK album] now. Right now we're listening through the stuff, trying to decide which songs we actually will pick for the upcoming album. It will be hard to decide.

We will enter the studio at the first of March. We will record the drums and guitars at our good friends DARKANE's excellent studio here in Helsingborg. I know that Peter Wildoer (DARKANE's drummer) will do a great job with the drum sound, and with Dirk [Verbeuren] behind the drums... what can go wrong?

Right now we're checking out different kind of studio equiment and gear... everything to get the badass guitar/bass sound."

Gitarrist Peter Wichers hat die Band im Dezember 2005 verlassen um sich auf seine Karriere als Produzent zu konzentrieren.

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