SONIC SYNDICATE - Sänger kündigt


SONIC SYNDICATE, die bekanntlich mit Richard Sjunnesson und Roland Johansson zwei Sänger am start haben, haben den Weggang von Roland, der für den Klargesang zuständig war, bekannt gegeben.

Hier das Statement der Band: "All of us in SONIC SYNDICATE wish Roland the best of luck in the future and we plan to continue our friendship / brotherhood outside the band. Thank you for all the hard work, and the good/bad times we had together."

"Today we have started the search for a new singer. All of us in SONIC SYNDICATE are so full of energy and we can't wait to get a new member / family member into the band and continue our long life dreams. The last two years have been more then amazing for us, we've seen half the world, met so many great fans and made even more along the way. You guys are what keeps us alive and makes life exciting.

"Yesterday, the five of us sat down and agreed that our search should not be limited to our inner circle. This is a very big opportunity for us and we want everyone out there to have a chance to spread the word and be a part of the search. Maybe it will be you, a friend or a friend of a friend who will be the next singer of SONIC SYNDICATE.

"If you feel you would like to be a part of the search and help us or you would like the chance to audition we ask you to check more details on our website, You'll find an application there! Please fill in and send back to us!"