STARKILL - Video zu "Breaking The Madness"


STARKILL aus Chicago stellen mit "Breaking The Madness" ein neues Video zur Single ihres aktuellen Album "Virus Of The Mind" vor. Unten gibt es den Clip der melodischen Deathmetalband im Stream. Im November geht es für die Band dann auf China-Tour. Sänger/Gitarrist Parker Jameson:

"Breaking the Madness is a video we entirely put together ourselves, doing a self-shot performance video filled with various shots of fan footage and lots of behind the scenes and backstage footage of us living our pre-show or homeless-Walmart-parking-lot-post-show lives.  I kept the lyrics a little bit open-ended for individual interpretation, but the inspiration for me was about the not-so-glorious life of being a touring musician. It's hectic and unstable for sure, but as you can see in the video, Starkill is a family, and despite the unpredictability of the modern music world, we do enjoy every minute of it.