STORM THE SKY - neuer Song im Stream


STORM THE SKY aus Melbourne stellen mit “Jaded Ghost” einen neuen Song im Stream vor. Der Track entstammt dem Debutalbum "Permanence", welches bereits via UNFD erschienen ist. Die Band zum Release der Single:

"Jaded Ghost is about something that I’ve been tearing myself apart over for almost two years and it felt incredibly good to finally get it into a song.” says Jarratt. “Just before flying to America to record 'Permanence' the person I was with completely destroyed me. I barely made it onto the flight because I went out and tried to forget who I was the night before. Even though I hated what she did, she was everything to me at the time and I put everything I had into that relationship and it was easy to hold onto it. 
So, naturally when I couldn’t handle being alone with my life and brain all over the place, I let her back in,” he continues. “I did it in the most selfish way possible, for comfort. I never let her forget what she did to me and it was borderline cruel and I couldn’t be more sorry for that. It was the best and worst three years of my life and I’ll never regret any of it because it matured me a lot. The experience has gotten me to the best mental state I think I’ve been in. Though the bad days are worse than they used to be, they’re being doused by the sheer amount of good days I’m lucky enough to enjoy."