STORM THE SKY - neues Video online


STORM THE SKY aus Australien stellen mit "Lilac" eine neue Single ihres kommenden Album "Sin Will Find You" inklusive Videoclip vor. "Sin Will Find You" erscheint am 5. August via UNFD - anbei ist der Clip zu im Stream zu sehen.

Frontmann William Jarratt:

“Sin Will Find You is intentionally 100 percent based on my life. I wanted to write the most open record I could, because I was sick of worrying about what people might think if they knew who I really am. I was holding back so as not to hurt anyone – so much so that I was lying about petty things just to stop people from judging me or disliking something that was inherently part of who I was. Writing it, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.”