STORM & STRESS - Bei Let It Burn


Die Ibbenbürener STORM & STRESS sind nun bei Let It Burn Records gelandet und werden am 31. Oktober die MCD "Sin" veröffentlichen. Lest was beide Parteien dazu sagen:

"TIT FOR TAT! People told us that friendship and business should be separated to avoid conflicts but with Let it Burn, Blacktop, Storm & Stress and The Blackout Argument it is exactly the other way round. Call it imperialistic or cartelization but we have the best times signing each other’s bands. Yeah right, whatever… Storm & Stress would have deserved no other record label but Let it Burn Records, anyway.
This is going to be a blast!

Storm & Stress’ spiritual adviser and manager Wazskostas Testosteron says: “The band is really happy to be part of a new family, the Let It Burn Records family. In times of pure asociality, where no one can save them from their genetic and mental decay, there was no other way to help Storm & Stress getting their pants back than selling their soul to Let It Burn Records. Chris and Feivel definitely are the best missionaries for the lost souls in Storm & Stress. I just phoned the gaming HQ in Ibbenbüren and got the band’s feedback, which was: ‘Good.’”


19.09.DE Essen Café Nova
20.09.DE Selb JUZ
21.09.NL Tilburg ZXZW Festival
22.09.DE München Kafe Marat
25.09.DE Mannheim JUZ Mannheim
26.09.CH Luzern Treibhaus
28.09.DE Cottbus Checkov
01.10.AT Wien Shelter
02.10.AT Salzburg Rockhouse Bar
03.10.DE Wangen im Allgäu JuHa Wangen
04.10.DE Weimar Gerberstr
05.10.DE Nürnberg Kulturverein
14.11.DE Aschaffenburg Katakombe"

Alte Kommentare

von molch 04.09.2008 22:40

wasn das fürn bandname?

von Big J 05.09.2008 12:39

grossartige band, freu mich schon auf die neue scheibe.