STORY OF THE YEAR reden über Epitaph Signing


STORY OF THE YEAR haben sich zu ihrem überraschenden Wechsel von Warner zu Epitaph geäußert. Lest selbst:

"It's a crazy time. People don't buy records anymore (well, most people anyway), and the major labels are totally freaking out. They are dropping bands and resigning them for half the money. They are firing everybody. They are taking bands merch and touring income. It's nuts. If a band doesn't have a mega bubble-gum shiny pop hit, chances are the label will not even put the record out, much less push it. To me, it just doesn't seem like a very cool environment to be in. The music would eventually suffer, and that's fucked.

How can you be creative if you've got people calling you right and left telling you how your record should sound? So our situation is definitely what you would call a blessing in disguise, because at first I was freaking out a little bit. But when all is said and done, the music is the only thing that matters, and I know we made a great choice with Epitaph. We make music that we love and that we want to hear. We don't give a fuck if its rock, polka, metal, or country. If we love it, than we are happy, and we are with a label that understands that."

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von blake schwarzenbach 29.12.2007 11:28

na dieses statement existiert aber auch schon etwas länger. ... "aktuelle news" ...

von FKK 30.12.2007 19:05

hey Blake, lange keinen Sex mit deinem Freund gehabt??

von blake schwarzenbach 30.12.2007 22:48

hast du schonmal was von "hetersexismus" gehört?

von FKK 31.12.2007 07:52

du nörgelst aber sehr oft wie ein Waschweib...

von Luk3 // Allschools 31.12.2007 12:12

ihr seid so sw33t! :)

von Dave 31.12.2007 19:47

ha! schwulenwitze kommen einfach immer gut. schlagfertigkeit wird sowieso ueberbewertet.