SUFFOCATION – Tracklist online


Die New Yorker Death Metaller von SUFFOCATION haben die Tracklist ihres selbstbetitelten Albums bekanntgegeben, dass am 25. September via Relapse erscheinen wird. Die CD wurde in den Full Force Studios in Long Island, NY aufgenommen.

Drummer Mike Smith zum neuen Album: "We never feared our abilities; what we fear is the ability of the industry to finally take the scene to the level it should be, in the forefront of all that is extreme. The kids are starving for music made from the heart."

"Suffocation" track listing:

01. Oblivion
02. Abomination Reborn
03. Redemption
04. Bind Torture Kill
05. Inis Concieved
06. Translucent Patterns of Delirium
07. Creed of the Infidel
08. Regret
09. Entrails of You
10. The End of Ends
11. Prelude to Repulsion*

* re-recording (original version appeared on 1992's "Breeding the Spawn")