SUICIDAL TENDENCIES haben einen neuen Drummer, aber lest selbst was die Band dazu schreibt:

"SUICIDAL TENDENCIES would like to give a big thanks to Dave Hildago Jr. [drums] Dave's last show was the 'We The People' festival last month. Dave's a good friend and always was there when the band needed him. Everyone wishes him and his family all the best, and much success in his future projects. We're also very excited to let those of you that don't know yet, that Eric Moore will be taking over the ST drums full time. Those that saw INFECTIOS GROOVES [long-running SUICIDAL side project] on tour earlier this year got to get a taste of insane drum skillz! Eric has an unbelievable mixture of power and finesse and the band is extra excited about the upcoming tours. It's a great chance to show off Eric and preview some new tracks. Mike Clark (guitar) will do a quick update/ interview for the website next week and fill you in on the band, the tour, recording, etc. Lastly, thanx to all the Cycos for their support!"