SUM 41 - neues Album im August


"13 Voices" heisst das neue Album der Poppunkband um Frontmann Deryck Whibley , welches am 7. Oktober via Hopeless Records. Zum Nachfolger von "Screaming Bloody Murder" sagt Whibley:

"I am really excited to be releasing an album after everything I've been through recently. This new music represents the journey I've been on throughout the process of making this record. I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that 13 Voices saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you."


Unten gibt es ausserdem bereits Artwork und Tracklisting - sowie die kommenden Livetermine von SUM 41 in der Uebersicht.

"13 Voices" Tracklisting:
1. A Murder of Crows (You're All Dead To Me)
2. Goddamn I'm Dead Again
3. Fake My Own Death
4. Breaking The Chain
5. There Will Be Blood
6. 13 Voices
7. War
8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)
9. The Fall And The Rise
10. Twisted By Design

SUM 41 - live:
 Aug 11 - Rocco Del Schlacko Festival - Puttlingen
 Aug 13 - Taubertal Festival - Rothenburg
 Aug 14 - Sziget Festival - Budapest
 Aug 18 - Open Air Gampel - Gampel
 Aug 19 - Highfield Festival - Grossposna
 Aug 20 - Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen
 Aug 22 - And There Come The Wolves Festival - Wiesen
 Aug 23 - Forum Karlin - Prauge
 Aug 24 - Chiemsee Summer Festival - Ubersee