SUNDOWNER - Albumdetails


Mit "Neon Fiction" escheint am 3. September das neue Album von Chris McCaughan (THE LAWRENCE ARMS) aka. SUNDOWNER. Anbei gibt es bereits das Coverartwork sowie einige Worte zur Platte von Chris selbst:

"Hi there. I feel like we’ve been withholding valuable information for long enough, so here are some gritty details on the new LP. Most importantly, it’s coming out just in time to be the soundtrack to your fading summer! And, secondly, I am stoked to finally share the album cover, tracklisting and the title. Yessir! My good friend, New York City-based photographer, Ben Pier, shot the cover for the record. The photo is awesome and totally captures the vibe of the album. He’s got an amazing way of seeing the world and was instrumental in helping to discover the whole aesthetic of Neon Fiction. You should go check out his work. He’s a rad photographer and an even better dude. Can’t wait for you all to hear these songs."