SUNDOWNER - Platte via Fat Wreck


SUNDOWNER um THE LAWRENCE ARMS-Mitstreiter Chris McCaughan lassen neue Albumpläne verlauten. Fat Wreck gab jüngst bekannt, das Release zu veröffentlichen - Chris selber sagt zur Platte:

"It was all written and recorded in Chicago, and in a lot of ways the record is about the city. [...] Fat Mike called me up to talk about the new Sundowner record and I said, "I really didn't think you'd like it…" and he said something like, "Yeah, I didn't think so either. I was kinda surprised. It's a pretty good record. Good songs." And, well… here we are. Got lots of love for the Fat Wreck crew and I'm extremely stoked to be teamin' up with them to release this new album. Furrr sure."