Saves The Day im Studio


Saves The Day arbeiten derzeit im Studio an ihrem neuen Album.

Folgendes hat Chris zu sagen:
"Hey hey! S'appenin', y'all? Chillin'? Staying out of the heat? We've camped out in Electric Lady Bug studio, to make our new album. We started pre-production yesterday, and we are now in full swing, blazing through songs in rehearsal getting ready to lay down the tracks. We are excited to be working with Steve Evetts, who produced our first two albums, Can't Slow Down and Through Being Cool.

We can all feel the fireworks in the air, and cannot wait to share the new songs with you. We are currently working on 18 new songs and by the time we're finished, we should have 14 brand new tracks for your listening enjoyment. The songs are short and fast and angry and hopefully will make you want to tear your ears off your head. So far, some of the working titles of the songs are "Head For The Hills", "Sound The Alarm", "Diseased", and "Eulogy".

The rock is so outrageous it makes us want to shave off the top of our heads, just so we can do the comb over. Far out, huh? Check out the site this summer for an all new look and much more new content, including video clips of us working in the studio, and album recommendations, and live web chats, studio journals, and more. It's gonna be one scorcher of a summer, and we plan to bring the heat! Check it out, y'all! A Summer of Fun at the Saves The Day site. Peace out, homies! Chris"