Silverstein Frontmann gründet eigenes Label


Shane Told, Frontmann bei Silverstein hat sein eigenes Label mit dem Namen Verona Records gegründet. Hier ein Statement:

"I've started a label not as a business venture, or to gain anything for myself. I see amazingly talented bands all over the world, and so many of them have no direction on what to do on the business side of things. I've started this label to guide these bands in the right direction, and help provide them with the finances they need to really give themselves the best shot at playing music full-time."
DEAD AND DEVINR ist dir erste Band, die unter Vertrag genommen wurde. Tolds Kommentar hierzu:
"This band is very metal and super talented. I saw so much potential in these guys, that I asked them if I could put out their record."

Das Album erscheint am 29.11.2006. Die Label Site gibt's hier.