TAKING BACK SUNDAY haben ein Statement veröffentlicht un dem sie den Ausstieg von Bassist Matt Rubano und Gitarrist Matt Fazzi sowie den wiedereinstieg vin ex-STRAYLIGHT RUN Mitgliedern John Nolan (guitar/vocals) und Shaun Cooper (bass) verkünden. Nolan und Cooper waren bis 2003 bei TBS. Das neue, alte Line-Up hat auch "Tell All Your Friends" aufgenommen. Aktuell arbeitet man an einem neuen Album.

Adam Lazzara erklärt:

"This crazy idea came up and once we started exploring it and talking on the phone, it was almost like all that time hadn't passed between us. Given the history and the years that had passed, I don't think any of us really knew if hanging out again let alone writing and playing together would actually work. For it to feel so comfortable and effortless so quickly made us realize that we had to give it a chance."

John Nolan ergänzt, "I never would have imagined that this group of people reuniting would be possible. Since we parted ways we all went down very different paths and somehow everything we've experienced individually over the past seven years has brought us back to a point of genuine appreciation and love for each other as people and musicians. There's a shared excitement and enthusiasm within this group that I haven't experienced since the early days of the band."

Bezüglich des Ausstieges von Rubano und Fazzi heißt es, "Sometimes it takes some time to remember where you were headed in the first place and the people you intended to go there with. There are no hard feelings, just the future."

Das fünfte TBS Studioalbum wird in Los Angeles mit Produzent Eric Valentine aufgenommen werden.