TEN FOOT POLE / PULLEY - Cleveland feuert Scott Radinsky


Der (ehemalige TFP- und jetzige PULLEY-) Sänger war über die letzten elf Jahre Teil des Profi-Basballteams der Cleveland Indians - jetzt schmiß ihn das Team während einer schlecht laufenden Saison raus. Scott dazu:

"Honestly, I didn't really see this coming. I really didn't. We were losing and things get magnified. Then you start hearing rumors that someone is going to take the fall. I'm holding my head pretty high. All I care about is those pitchers. I wanted to do everything I could to make them successful and help them establish themselves in the big leagues. I'm disappointed if I'm part of the reason they didn't succeed. Working with pitchers is why I got into coaching. My only concern was working with those pitchers, to help them get better, and protect them until the day I was fired."