THERION - Einer gegen den Rest


Die vier Bandmitglieder von THERION haben entschieden, in Zukunft getrennte Wege zu gehen. Mainman Christofer Johnsson wird als Einziger die Band aufrecht erhalten. Grund für den Split sind Differenzen bezüglich des musikalischen Weges. Dazu kann man Folgendes auf der Homepage der Band lesen:

"Dear Fans,
Today we have an announcement that will come as a shock to all of you. The four permanent members of the band have had some discussions and it is clear that we have different goals and visions for the future. Therefore it is best for the band, our selves as individuals and for the fans that we go separate ways now when there is still plenty of time before the next Therion album and World Tour.

This means that Christofer will continue with Therion and the others will perform their music in other projects and bands.

We're all still friends, no one is disappointed and there's still some work we have left to do together in terms of editing of materials we have recorded for future DVD's.

Best regards to all of you and thank you so much for the wonderful support you have given the band during the time we have played together.

Christofer, Kristian, Johan and Petter."