THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES - Kündigen meher Details über Split-EP an


THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES haben in enem Statement mehr Details über ihre geplante Split-EP mit Pelican verlauten lassen, auf der sie unter anderem auch ein Cover des Nirvana-Songs 'Heart-Shaped Box' planen. Hier das Statement:

"We have formed a temporary partnership with our comrades in Pelican and combined our forces into a two-song barrage due out on HydraHead before the year's end. For those of you who happened to attend the Pelican/TAAS show at Islington Academy in London earlier this year, you know at least half of what to expect: eight dudes barreling through "Pink Mammoth". however, no one is prepared for the inverse portion of the project: when Pelican lends their thunder to one of our songs. Hell, we don't even know what it sounds like cuz we ain't done with that shit yet. our guess is that it will be, if nothing else, really fucking loud. In addition, we have agreed to take part in a tribute to Nirvana's "In Utero" record which is slated to come out sometime before the end of the world on Robotic Empire. after missing the boat on staking claim to our number one choice ("Scentless Apprentice"), and honoring the "don't-tread-on-yr-friend's-ideas" rule by passing on our number two choice (Harkonen covered "Milk It" on a limited edition Portugese CDEP), we settled on "Heart Shaped Box". part of us really wanted to go all out and try to somehow make "All Apologies" sound ragged and nasty, but we figured the Box was a little more up our alley. After much deliberation, arguing, and experimentation, we got that shit down on tape (or rather, on a hard drive). i'm not sure what to say about our take on it. we tried slowing it down, changing the key, altering the dynamics.... all kinds of shit. but ultimately, it kinda just sounded better the way Nirvana did it. so don't be expecting any sort of drastic reinvention of Kurt's material. i dunno, maybe we were meant to be a grunge band..."