THE ANNIVERSARY - Große Pläne für 2008


Die leider aufgelösten THE ANNIVERSARY haben sich nach langer Zeit mal wieder zu Wort gemeldet und wollen 2008 ein neues Album mit bisher unreleastem Materiual veröffentlichen. Hier das Update der Band:

"Happy New Year to you all! Hope that 2008 is great one for ya!
As far as The Anniversary is concerned, 2008 will be a doozie. We are releasing a NEW ALBUM this year that will include our un-released songs. We are also releasing a DVD featuring "live" performances and behind-the-scenes of us just hanging out. If you guys could help out and send any photos that you might have including who took the picture to We are gathering up as many as we can for the insert of the DVD and the CD artwork. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Forward this on to your friends. And let's get the word out!

Perhaps a re-union show, too? Who knows.

Peace out,