THE AUTUMN OFFERING - "Requiem" kommt im Juni


THE AUTUMN OFFERING haben die Songs, die am 9. Juni auf dem neuen Album "Requiem" sein werden, aufgenommen. Folgendes ist zu sagen:

"We have completed tracking our new album, 'Requiem'. It's by far the band's most mature 'offering' to date... hahahaha. We're going to head to Cleveland in the next few weeks to shoot a video or two, then back to the road. The album comes out June 9 [through Victory Records], so pick one up! We want to thank Mark Lewis for doing an amazing job on the production!"

"Requiem" was recorded at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Narcosis", "Worn Out Wings" and "Obsidian Halo". According to the group, the follow-up to 2007's "Fear Will Cast No Shadow" contains "by far the band's most ambitious and dense material yet. Longer songs, complex rhythms, and dynamic vocals fill out this 11-track monster."

Alte Kommentare

von Ollo 20.03.2009 08:46

uhhh 11-track monster. außergewöhnlich. außergewöhnlich langweilige band.

von Bumsgeburt 20.03.2009 09:18

dem kann ich so zustimmen

von SaneaTsu 21.03.2009 16:43

lieber 11 gute tracks als 15 stück von denen 10 rotz sind...