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Am 12. Mai werden Metal Blade die neue THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER DVD "Majesty" releasen.

Dazu Trevor Strnad: "Diehard fans will recognize that the title [of the DVD] has been plucked from the chorus of 'Nocturnal'. It was filmed and edited by our good friend/drinking partner Robbie Tassaro, whom we have worked with in the past for the filming of our 'What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse' video. Robbie is a hilarious man in himself, and probably the only person we could trust to really capture the essence of the band.

Doing a DVD was something we were very apprehensive about. Doing video stuff is always a risk when you can't afford the luxuries that the MTV darlings can. I mean, look at the majority of death metal videos on YouTube... the comments are all people laughing how cheesy they are. For Christ's sake, look at our video for 'Funeral Thirst'! That's ghetto metal fabulous.

All of our videos, good and bad, will be featured on the second disc of the DVD, along with a shows worth of intense live footage, captured from various locations throughout our Summer Slaughter tour and our romp in support of CHILDREN OF BODOM.

The live footage is unbelievable looking... it absolutely blew me away the first time I watched. I think he really nailed the energetic atmosphere of our concerts... it makes me want to stage dive myself.

The main disc is chock-full with over two hours of backstage footage and will give our fans a deserved look into the BDM machine. See your favorite thrashers drink 'til they puke, eat til they puke, smoke weed 'til they puke, etc.

The PANTERA DVD was our model to strive for, as it's the only metal DVD out there that warrants repeated viewings. Now that I have seen it a few times, I have had the semi painful realization that I am an alcoholic. I'll keep you posted on that as it develops."

"Majesty" wird so aussehen:

Disc 1:

* Feature documentary consisting of ridiculous tour antics, live footage, and band interviews.

Disc 2:

Footage of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER performing the following tracks all over the world:

* Elder Misanthropy
* Funeral Thirst
* I'm Charming
* Flies
* A Vulgar Picture
* Statutory Ape
* Miasma
* Everything Went Black
* Worship
* What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
* Deathmask Divine

Music videos:

* "Contagion" (directed by Jason Joseph)
* "Funeral Thirst" (directed by Jason Joseph)
* "A Vulgar Picture" (directed by Matt Bass)
* "Statutory Ape" (directed by Doug Spangenberg)
* "Miasma" (directed by Joe Lynch)
* "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" (directed by Robbie Tassaro)
* "Everything Went Black" (directed by David Brodsky)

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von Pat 23.04.2009 19:52

Geil!! Hatt ich gar nich aufm Schirm das die ne DVD veröffentlichen. Direkt vorbestellt!