THE CHARIOT – Statement zum Line-Up Wechsel


Vom ursprünglichen Line-Up von THE CHARIOT ist lediglich Frontmann Josh Scogin verblieben. Hier das Statement der Band: The band issued this statement:

“In the early stages of every band, members often change due to whatever reason. And in this case it is no different. Having only done one full length record The Chariot is a very young band, and some changes have came. The only difference is for The Chariot many people have grown to know the members very well, which only makes changes like this more difficult to understand. But we rest in knowing you will. Recently, Keller and Beiser have quit the band for reasons of their own. Although it is something they felt they had to do, we would like for everyone to welcome newcomers Dan Eaton and Jon Terrey.

They have been best friends of The Chariot for much longer than the band has existed so everyone is eye to eye on the love of music and the band is very much excited about the change. Obviously, the music will remain the same and every show is still booked and ready to go. They have currently started writing for their new record scheduled to come out early next year.”